Our services


We create stories. Whether from corporate, business, or non-profit, you can trust us with the storytelling and production of institutional and advertising films focused on 3D and motion design aesthetics.

And, because if what you say matters, how you say it matters even more, our presentation service is designed to help you bring your ideas to life by leveraging unforgettable stories and stunning visuals presentations. So, whether you are addressing a board or giving a keynote, we help you move people to take action.  


We imagine, celebrate and produce premium content and character-driven stories for television and multimedia platforms  (including podcast, series, film, reports, documentaries, edutainment, animation films, and children’s programming) for a pan-African and international audience. We also adapt African novels by Female authors for the big screen. 

Let us manage the production and scenario of your films, short or feature films. Our skilled and experienced HEMLEYTribe storytellers do that too.


We can also help in rewriting or repolishing existing scripts. Whether we’re giving you a fresh perspective, helping you put your extraordinary idea into words, rewriting scripts to fine-tune them, and pushing you through the last hurdles of a creative project, we take pride in being there for you.