Stories Matter.

Weak. Victim. Vulnerable. Invisible. Underrepresented. Sexual objects. Silenced. Suppressed. Small. While women of all kinds make up half of the world’s population, less than a third of the characters who speak in movies are female. They talk less than men. They give their opinion less often. They are far less likely to be leaders, experts, or executives in the entertainment industry or even women who work for a living.

The end of this outrageous and anachronistic narrative domination is a prerequisite in the perspective of restoring social harmony. On this subject, our conviction is made and does not suffer from any concession. We won’t wait for centuries to see those changes happen. Old words won’t shape new stories.

Stories Matter.

There is a time for everything. It is time to end this negative focus that has gone on for too long. It is time, hic et nunc, to allow other narratives in the international public space. It is time to put an end, sine die, to self-hatred and bashing. It is time to rebuild pride and dignity in Africa for Africans in heart, mind and soul. It’s time to choose accountability over blame because no one else is to blame for not telling African stories with the words we want to read, see, feel. We should all be the storytellers of Africa we know, want, and that many call «home.» 

“One day, Africa will write its History, and it will be, from the North to the South of the Sahara, a story of Glory and Dignity,” predicted Patrice Lumumba. The time has come.

Stories Matter.

A sublime Bantu maxim states that the world is a chimpanzee’s fall; it is disturbed and restored. For its part, an African charter of reality assures that we have come to the world and remain in it to express ourselves. In the belief in these two masterful propositions, HEMLEY Productions is anchored in the contemporary race of the shaping of Gender and Diversity narratives and crafting African mythology. 

With “The Beautyful Ones,” who are walking in purpose with courage, unapologetically authentic and unorthodox, with an uncompromising Excellence and creative disobedience, among other values, we are on a mission to elevate the narrative for Women and Africa.