Who We Are

HEMLEY Productions is a content media company that develops and produces groundbreaking stories and eye-catching advertisements that move and inspire action. We offer copywriting from front-end services through to final picture for feature, long-form, and traditional episodic animation; and commit to put Women of all walks of life and Africa at the center of every story we imagine, design, and produce.

Hemley Productions is on a mission to elevate the narrative for Women and Africa.

What we are about

With an aesthetic focused 3D design and motion content production, we tell stories we love with a view to shining a light on Women and Africa. We emphasize the narratives produced by a diverse range of emerging and established voices alike.
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HEMLEY Productions is the go-to creative hub where generations of best talents and storytellers sharing the same vision, mission, and values have a safe space to craft powerful stories.

From subverting classic storytelling with fresh takes on characterization to identifying authentic, powerful, and inspiring female & African stories taken from real life, we are creating, celebrating, and publishing stories that matter. These stories, by virtue of their ideas and craft, are capable of creating a better, diverse, and inclusive world, one story at a time.

We believe we are always better together and that your unique talent will become a genius superpower connected to other members of the community.

We are HEMLEYTribe.

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